1 Day Democrat Bumper Sticker_1.jpg

Before Trump was elected, there was a general feeling that the U.S. presidency was up for grabs. 

Republicans seemed dissatisfied with his nomination. He’d managed to offend just about all of his key constituents and every day, more Republicans seemed to be rolling back their endorsements.

So to shine a spotlight on the many Republicans who had pledged to vote Democrat on Election Day, we created the term “1-Day Democrats.” We made an animated film reminding people that Trump’s values did not align with Republican values, as well as website featuring all the Republican politicians who had already crossed party lines. Then we churned out a bunch of political swag to help spread the message that voting Democrat was actually a vote to save the integrity of the Republican Party.

It didn't work.

Partners: Darcie Burrell and Susan Land

1 Day Democrat Bumper Sticker_1.jpg