Experienced in hand loading 40lb boxes of frozen cod in Iceland, construction work in the USA, dog mushing in Norway, yacht cleaning in Spain, lorry engine fabrication and fork-lift driving in England, apparel design and manufacture in the USA and snowboarding professionally, worldwide.

I went to war for Riswold, stunt modeled in swimwear, became a culinary seamstress, killed some astronauts, thought sleep was an inconvenience, instigated a pie toss, committed typographic arson and spent a year in W+K 12 with 12 strangers. 

I'm currently at Wieden+Kennedy cajoling, art directing, and producing the best work of my life.

(So far.)



2011-current // Wieden+Kennedy // Senior Art Director

2010-2011 // Wieden+Kennedy 12 // Art Director

2008-2010 // Holden Outerwear // Designer + Developer

2004-2009 // Professional Snowboarder


2018 Cannes Gold: Outdoor - Nike Swoosh Vote

2018 Cannes Silver: Design - Nike Swoosh Vote

2018 One Show Silver: Nike Swoosh Vote

2017 Cannes Gold - Nike Unlimited Stories

2017 D&AD Wood Pencil - Nike Unlimited Stories

2017 One Show Bronze - Nike Unlimited Stories

2017 AICP Winner - Nike Unlimited Stories

2013 Cannes Titanium - Nike Find Your Greatness

2013 Cannes Integrated Silver - Nike Find Your Greatness

2013 Effie Silver: Yearly Topical Category - Nike Find Your Greatness

2013 One Show Bronze: Integrated Campaign - Nike Find Your Greatness

2013 Clio Bronze: Film Technique - Nike Find Your Greatness

2013 Clio Bronze: Film Campaign - Nike Find Your Greatness

2013 D&AD Nomination: Integrated & Earned Media - Nike Find Your Greatness

2013 D&AD In Book: Direction for Film Advertising - Nike Find Your Greatness

2013 Cannes Shortlist - Nike Cat Flap